We Turn Your Excess Inventory into Cash

Surplus and unsold inventory should no longer bother your business. We help you liquidate it by finding the right buyers.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Unlock your asset value and improve your profitability and cashflows by liquidating surplus inventory

Optimize & Improve Working Capital

Surplus inventory liquidation reduces working capital blocks along with storage, insurance & distribution costs

Liquidate Everything

Liquidate everything irrespective of the size, value and mobility of stock

Get products at the lowest prices than any other channel

Business buyers get quality inventory at the lowest price

A one-stop shop for complementary products

A seamless and an agile buying experience from a consolidated marketplace

Line of Credit

Connect buyers to the most suitable credit partner for faster processing of loans with lowest interest rates

Find Your Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we have equipped our platform with a credit facility that’s tied to our lending partners. We also have various payment modes that can be used as per the preference of buyers and sellers alike.

We have a systematic business process that governs our products and offerings. Please refer “Our Business Model” section for a diagrammatic representation of our inventory liquidation process.

We greatly value our customers and sellers which makes us open to negotiations as appropriate. Please contact our team if you have would like to initiate negotiations of any kind.

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